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To us cloud computing is more than just a buzzword or a trendy cloud logo. We see great potential in making our customers’ IT environment sustainably more powerful and economical by working with Microsoft Cloud.

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 Cloud Fundament

Undoubtedly, cloud computing should be simply accessible for end users. However, a profound preparation is inevitable for reproducing the business structure as well as the complexity of your business models in your IT environment.

We are your consultant for configurations. Let us show you the experience of how the Microsoft Cloud can evolve its whole potential. Finding the right subscriptions or connecting your local authentication: choose ProTechnology for a trouble-free process, saving time and money.

We are providing a Cloud-Workshop at your office to jointly create a fundament for starting your work with Microsoft Azure and Office 365. Your team will be hands-on from the start and therefore will be able to put the knowledge into use right away.

Let your business benefit from our great project experiences and our field-tested setup strategies. Based on our best practice we will jointly develop a suitable process model.

Start your journey – we’ll guide you.

Cloud Application Development

The first step is to develop an application and the porting into the Cloud. But why not use the complete potential a cloud has to offer? It is more efficient to combine all the possibilities the cloud has to offer for the intended use, increase the performance levels and therefore lower the expenditures on time and money. This solution is called Native Cloud Application (NCA).

We combine years of experiences in software development with the latest intelligence about the Microsoft Cloud. With us you can gain all the benefits of Microsoft Azure for your “software as a service”.

Combine your web applications with data in Azure SQL databases or in NoSQL databases such as DocumentDB. Stream videos and share big files via Content Delivery Networks (CDN).

Work with further Azure features for identity management, DevOps or data analytics. Connect your web apps with the Internet of Things, cognitive services or chat bots. Analyse your data via Machine Learning.

The countless possibilities come along with advantages and disadvantages. Let us guide you.

Identity Management

It’s not possible to imagine our current working environment without Identity and Access Management (IAM): users interact with systems, applications interact with services, services exchange data with other services, data is being recorded, accessed, edited or even deleted. They are valuable commodities that require protection against theft, manipulation, destruction or unauthorized access.

By now companies are facing new challenges: the continual networking, e.g. the Internet of Things, has become a greater target. Users are demanding more independence and put many different web applications into place which require other or worst of all no entry data at all.

Master these challenges with Azure Active Directory and the Active Directory Federation Services: cloud-based, device-independent and cross-platform. Allow your colleagues access to their work data available at all times: with any device from anywhere. Allow access to company applications or services (Software as a Service, SaaS) within the cloud: with a single user account, with a single login (Single-Sign-On, SSO). Increase security with Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) and other safety measures i.e. risk analysis, anomaly reports and Just In Time authorization.

Reduce costs and keep your internal support hotline open for significant enquiries. Hand-over the personal responsibility of your employees for resetting forgotten passwords themselves. Whichever context you chose to change the password in – the password synchronization is aligning the changes with all connected systems. Relieve your Administrators and enable your employees to manage and create their own user groups.

Machine Learning

“We are moving from a world where computing power was scarce to a place where it now is almost limitless,
and where the true scarce commodity is increasingly human attention.”
Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO

“Data is the new oil.” – a well-described statement for our digitalised business economy. Oil is an important commodity. To use it as rocket fuel it is required to be destilled. Businesses are by now considering their data consequential as important strategic assets.

The fast and reliable analysis of this data has already been passed on from people to computers a while ago. With the constant growing productive capacity they are helping us with analyses of complex volume of data: Big Data.

Not only does Machine learning allow the coverage of these endless streams of data, but also a wave of unprecedented conclusions and forecasts. Learning systems deliver continuously suggestions on how business processes can be improved, they increase revenue through intelligent customer analysis, forecast demands, detect inconsistencies, prevent potential fraud or check creditworthiness.

Where previously only big companies could use the advantages of machine learning, Microsoft has now ‘democratised’ it with Azure Machine Learning. The graphic user interface of Azure Machine Learning Studio (expandable with personal coding in R or Python) allows small and medium-sized businesses to develop their own forecast models.

We are happy to assist you and support you with the development and allocation. Back to the oil: be smart and build your own data refinery.


The Internet of Things (IoT) signifies the networking of machines, appliances, sensors and actuators with the internet. On the one hand this allows access to all information that a machine or sensor collects as well as the data analysis. On the other hand machines or subjects and actuators can be controlled location-independently through the internet. This enables a number of new business models and changes the way of product manufacturing, delivery and maintenance.

With Remote Monitoring for example a transport company could detect a malfunctioning cooling unit in one of its trucks on time. In case of perishables in the lorry, the driver could be informed at the click of a mouse and be provided with directions to the next garage.

These detours could be prevented by another example of application: the Predictive Maintenance. In our example the manufacturer of the cooling unit would have called a week before to suggest an appointment for maintenance: the data from the sensors would have forecasted a most likely malfunction of the unit within the next 14 days – determined through machine learning of continuously collected data of all cooling units of the manufacturer.

The Microsoft Azure IoT Suite is an easy and secure way of entering the Internet of Things. Starting with the secure registration and authentication of your appliances through encrypted data transmission to the Azure IoT Hub, further on the reliable and failure-resistant processing, Message Queues and topping it off with the protection from unauthorized access through the Azure Active Directory. Next to the high security you can also rely on the performance, scalability and possibilities of the Microsoft Cloud.

Get in touch. We are happy to advise you.

Data Analytics

Make better choices based on better knowledge. Data Analytics helps you to build the expertise for handling a great amounts of information (Big Data). Therefore, you develop a better understanding of your customers or you can simply release and combine your data from isolated silos. Rely on our expertise. We apply the suitable services and technologies of the Cortana Intelligence Suite customized to your needs and goals.

Manage your data with Azure Data Factory, with Azure Data Catalogue or with Azure Event Hubs. Save large unstructured amounts of data on a hyper scalable repository such as the Azure Data Lake Store. Alternatively take advantage of elastic-scalable, parallel processing for many structured data in Azure SQL Data Warehouse.

Analyse your data of any type and any size with Azure Data Lake Analytics. Or else use Azure Stream Analytics to analyse millions of occurrences per second of your IoT appliances. Data analytics within Hadoop eco system allows an Azure HD insight. Power BI connects your data from different sources and visualises the information spectacularly on personalised dashboards.

Manage your data in an effective and smart way. We’ll guide you.

Bot Entwicklung

“Chatbots will fundamentally revolutionize how computing is experienced by everybody.”
Satya Nadella, Microsoft CEO

These days the messaging apps have already outrun the classic social media websites. Businesses which supply the chat bots are inspiring user with new brand experience and are collecting important information of how services and products are being perceived.

Chat bots don’t only work as brand ambassadors, but also as digital assistants that receive messages, manage appointments, visualise data or inform about work results.

Save expenditures with bots. Respond faster to customer enquiries. Receive automated and appointed information at any time instead of having to dig it out yourself.

We develop your bot for you with the Microsoft Bot Framework. Therefore, we can take advantage of cognitive services, e.g. process language or text input of users with Language Understanding Intelligent Service (LUIS) or translate with Microsoft Translator into many different languages.

We’ll supply you with your bot as a web chat and integrate the bot in your web applications or else connect the bot with users through wider channels like Skype, Microsoft Teams, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Telegram or Office 365.

What do you think? Let’s have a chat.

Cognitive Services

Artificial intelligence is increasingly expanded by capabilities of perception. Search engines are trying to guess keywords while being typed in and online shops recommend products by analysing your history. Transport companies lower their accident rates with “foreseeing” vehicles. Telephone services lower the hold time of their calling parties through voice verification.

Identify areas in your business that you can save costs in by using machine vision, digital language processing or text analysis. Relieve your employees from inconvenient routine work for creative solutions. Speed up processes and reduce errors many times over. By using this expertise you will be able to develop solutions for a higher revenue.

Machine vision can be expanded to the identification of faces or emotions as well as to the processing of video data. Spoken and written language can be recognized, interpreted, translated and transformed. Therefore, searches will be accelerated, enriched or systematically expanded.

We will support you in fully recognizing the steadily growing potential of Microsoft Cognitive Services and develop solutions for your business.




DevOps connects software development with software operations which faces developers with getting to grips with taking software into operation. On the other side administrators are looking much closer into the development process than before and increase their efficiency through the input of development tools. The result: better software in a shorter timescale. Big players like Microsoft, Google or Amazon rely on DevOps on a large scale and perform millions of automated tests and publish thousands of code alterations on dozens of servers on a daily basis. But of course within the cloud.

Even small teams and projects can benefit from the employment of DevOps in the cloud. Regardless of infrastructure, platform or software as a service – intended virtual environments can be established on all levels of the Cloud, based on the demands of the required software.

With Microsoft Azure you can put together any imaginable target environment through Script in simple text files and additionally control the complete Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). Automatically outsource your performance eagerly builds to a virtual server. Manage your source code as well as your agile development processes online. Perform automated tests of all kinds and monitor the real-time performance of your coding.

The possibilities are versatile, the opportunity is unique and the need is inevitable. We are happy to assist you with the key topic of Digital Innovation Economy.